My name is Mia Fenton I was born on February 5th 2010 at 16:10

Mum and Dad will try to post a picture every day for the first year for our friends and family to see me grow.

This is my post from on my first birthday looking back over the first year.

Today was my first birthday, I was very excited as mum and dad told me that I get presents and toys to celebrate my birthday. I woke up early so I could open some of my presents, I wasnt allowed to open them all until everyone arrived. I started to open my presents when Auntie Kath and the boys came down stairs, mum didnt tell me that while I was sleeping we had friends and family come over to stay. I opened a few more presents before grandma and grandad came down to wish me happy birthday, then a little later Ben got out of bed and came down.
I had a good play with the boys before Jon and Charlotte came over so we could go to dads club, I spent the rest of the morning at dads club then we set off to get ready for my party in the afternoon. Everyone started to arrive about 2 o’clock then I partied hard until I could party no more. I finally went to bed and left the grown ups to party on.
I still cant believe I am one year old, the last year has been the best year of my life. I have seen so much and learnt so much and I am looking forward to see what I can learn this year.
When I look back over the year at the things I have done, I have been on Safari, done a road trip across Europe, spent a week in a log cabin in the mountains, a road trip to the highlands of Scotland, several trips to the coast in north Wales, spent a week in a log cabin on the South coast, been to a few festivals including the big chilli festival, I have seen mum and dads friends getting married, I have seen mum and dads friends giving birth, I have climbed a mountain and stood above the clouds, I have learnt how to crawl how to stand and im sure soon to walk. I have eaten some of the best foods around including dads special curry (the mild one) I have cried, I have laughed, I have learnt to swim. After all the things I have learnt and done I have found that I am so happy when I am with mummy and daddy, I love you both and I cant wait to start the next year of adventures together thank you both so much for making me so happy.

Daddy said he would take a photo a day for my first year which he has done (he cheated in a few places) this was my diary for my first year, I hope you all enjoyed following me on my adventures. Dad hasnt decided what he is going to do for my second year but I will let you all know soon.


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