Day 20 Since Infection

It’s now 14 days since Mia was admitted to hospital and 19 days since we believe she caught the virus.

Mia has managed 2 small wee’s today which is great news in her recovery process, we have a long road ahead but each day we get one step closer to home. She has picked up a strange habit of falling asleep while sitting up and swaying from side to side. This is very strange but she gets upset if we lie her down..

A swaying sleeping baby is a very strange sight.

I managed to get a big cuddle tonight when the doctors changed over all her umbilical cords.
some good painting has been done today so not long until Mia can fill the wall with her art work.


One response to “Day 20 Since Infection

  1. Catherine Lutman

    Keep fighting Mia!

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