Monthly Archives: October 2011

Mia’s Diary 8th October 2011

Today I helped dad in the kitchen because mum and dad have friends coming to tea. I helped dad make a nice Spanish Paella.
We used lots of fresh herbs and spices and some big fishy things.
In the afternoon I got a little tired so me and dad went for a nap, while we were up stairs we played a quick game of peekaboo. When me and dad were playing I had another MTI (Mia Tumbling Incident) but im a big brave girl so I just carried on playing.

This is me having my MTI


Mia’s Diary 7th October 2011

Fruit and Veg

Earlier this week I took mum out to do some shopping at the butchers, today we ran out of fruit and veg so we went up to the shops to get some potatoes and carrots in. We also bought lots of other fruit and veg but most of it I didnt know what they were.

This is me getting some beans


Mia’s Diary 6th October 2011

Mia's Tractor

Today I went over to see grandma and grandad for the day, we had I nice day in the garden and I helped grandad water our tree.
This is me taking the tractor out for a drive.


Mia’s Diary 5th October 2011

Mia playing in the puddles

Last weekend it was the hottest October day on record at 29 degrees, it seems that must have been the last day of summer as it has just got cold and wet since then. The weather man says it could be snowing by weekend.

This is me playing in the puddles.


Mia’s Diary 4th October 2011

Mia in the butchers

Today I got up and found that the cupboards were empty so I took mum to the shops so we could get some shopping in.

This is me in the butchers choosing the meat for the week