Monthly Archives: April 2012

Mia’s Diary 15th April 2012

Spent most of today still at uncle Jim’s house in Nottingham. Finn my cousin has his own drum kit which he let me have a go on. I was very good at drumming and might set up my own band.

This is me drumming


Mia’s Diary 14th April 2012

I woke up at uncle Jim’s I spent the day with Finn and Tilly playing and getting very excited about going to see Cbeebies Live…

This is me sat looking at the show


After the show me and Finn had a good play with our big fingers


Mia’s Diary Friday 13th April 2012

Today we drove over to see uncle Jim in Nottingham, when we arrived we went for a quick walk.
This is me and Finn getting ready for our walk.



Mia’s Diary 12th April 2012

Today I was out helping dad do some building work in the garden. We had to cut up some wood with the saw. Daddy’s saw was much bigger than mine but I still managed to cut lots of wood.


This is me cutting the wood.


Mia’s Diary 11th April 2012

Today I spent the day playing out and about.

This is me learning to jump on the trampoline.