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Mia’s Diary August 5th 2011

Today we all spent the day in the village, dad took me to the park so I could play on the swings and the slide.

This is me pretending to be a zombie.

Below is me on this day 2010


Mia’s Diary 4th August 2011

Today we all went for a nice drive into the country, we stopped off to feed the ducks but it started to rain so we packed up our bread and headed home.
This is me eating my fruit off the floor.

Below is me on this day 2010


Mia’s Diary 3rd August 2011

Dad has been a little busy the last week so he is a little behind with my pictures.
This is me helping dad cooking tea, he wouldnt let me use his big chopping knife so I decided to eat everything while dad chopped.

Below is me on this day 2010

Mia’s Diary 2nd August 2011

Today I went to see grandma and grandad as I haven’t seen them for the last few weeks while I have been in the south of France with mum.
Me and grandad spent most of the day in the garden watering the plants and playing games. I also helped grandad water our tree that we planted last month.

This is me having a drink, and below is me on this day in 2010 feeding the giraffe

Mia’s Diary 1st August 2011

Today I spent the day with mum and dad as it was dads birthday. I bought him lots of nice presents and then took him out for a lovely meal at a nice restaurant in Didsbury. Just before we went out grandma and grandad came round to give daddy some presents as well. When dad was opening his presents him was taking too long so I grabbed hold of them and showed him how to unwrap presents quickly.

Above is me trying to order some food but the waiter kept ignoring me. Below is me on this day last year 2010