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Mia’s Diary 2nd April 2012

Today I spent the day with grandad, we played lots of games and I watered my tree. I have been off my food for the last week but today I got my appetite back and was eating like a horse again.

This is me at the end of a hard day having a shower and filling my bucket with water. I often shower stood on one foot.


Mia’s Diary 5th November 2011

So as you have all noticed dad has been slacking again with my photo blog…

I have had to have strong words with him again and told him he needs to sort himself out.

He has promised he will bring it up to date this weekend.

I wont hold my breath though.


Mia’s Diary 2nd October 2011

Mia and Froggy

Today I spent the day with mum and dad, when we got up it wasn’t a bright blue sunny day like yesterday but I told dad that I wanted to go in the paddling pool even though it wasn’t very warm and looked like it was going to rain.
In the afternoon we went out to go for a nice walk in the hills but it eventually started to rain so we turned round and headed home. When we got back I helped dad clean the decking in the back garden.

This is me having a bath with Froggy at the end of a good day with mum and dad.