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Mia’s Diary 26th November 2011

Mia Breakfast

Today we set off to North Wales for a week away, the last few months have been a bit hectic so it was good to finally get to spend some quality time with mum and dad.

On the way to Wales we stopped off to look at Bodelwyddan Castle. We finally arrived in Llanberog just in time for tea. I asked dad if we could have a chippy for tea as its the traditional thing to do when beside the sea. After checking into the hotel we set off into Abersoch to get some nice fish and chips. Dad gets confused when mum asks if we can have fish and chips because when she asks for “fish and Chips” she actually means she wants cheese burger and chips.


This is me having some fruit before we set off.



Mia’s Diary 24th November 2011


Hello everyone,

I’m finally back after dads lack of input recently. I think dad will cheat a little to bring things up to date and then we will restore a normal running order.
We are all very busy at the moment so its been hard to take pictures and keep up to date.
This is me just having a banana, as you all know I love my food.

Its good to be back


Mia’s Diary 7th October 2011

Fruit and Veg

Earlier this week I took mum out to do some shopping at the butchers, today we ran out of fruit and veg so we went up to the shops to get some potatoes and carrots in. We also bought lots of other fruit and veg but most of it I didnt know what they were.

This is me getting some beans