Monthly Archives: September 2011

Mia’s Diary 30th September 2011

Today me and mum went to the new season of rhythm and rhyme class where I played my favourite drums..
In the afternoon we went to the local farm, but I got a little scared at the goats..

This is me bravely feeding the animals..


Mia’s Diary 29th September 2011

Today me and grandad did a little gardening… well I did while grandad sat in his big chair.

This is me digging up potatoes for tea.


Mia’s Diary 28th September 2011

I have nearly got dad back into doing my diary everyday.
So in the last month I have come along so much, I now have lot and lots of words I can say. It wont be long now before I can write a poem. I though it was time to stop peeing in my pants so I asked mum if she would buy me a potty to pee in instead, I have now been going on a potty for a few weeks and I dont think it will be too long before I am on the big white thrown..

This is me having a nap on the floor.


Mia’s Diary 27th September 2011

Dad is still not taking my picture everyday but I will keep working on him and he will fall into line.

This is me playing mum a song while me and dad went to Tesco for some food.


Mia’s Diary 22nd September 2011

Today we all went to the local animal farm so I could feed the ducks with big necks.. I am still confused at all these new animals.

This is me feeding the ducwans..