Monthly Archives: September 2011

Mia’s Diary 30th September 2011

Today me and mum went to the new season of rhythm and rhyme class where I played my favourite drums..
In the afternoon we went to the local farm, but I got a little scared at the goats..

This is me bravely feeding the animals..


Mia’s Diary 29th September 2011

Today me and grandad did a little gardening… well I did while grandad sat in his big chair.

This is me digging up potatoes for tea.


Mia’s Diary 28th September 2011

I have nearly got dad back into doing my diary everyday.
So in the last month I have come along so much, I now have lot and lots of words I can say. It wont be long now before I can write a poem. I though it was time to stop peeing in my pants so I asked mum if she would buy me a potty to pee in instead, I have now been going on a potty for a few weeks and I dont think it will be too long before I am on the big white thrown..

This is me having a nap on the floor.


Mia’s Diary 27th September 2011

Dad is still not taking my picture everyday but I will keep working on him and he will fall into line.

This is me playing mum a song while me and dad went to Tesco for some food.


Mia’s Diary 22nd September 2011

Today we all went to the local animal farm so I could feed the ducks with big necks.. I am still confused at all these new animals.

This is me feeding the ducwans..

Mia’s Diary 21st September 2011

Today I went to talk to grandad about dad not doing my diary, I told him that dad needs sorting out. Me and grandad tried to fill in my diary together but grandad is as bad as me on a computer.
Me and grandad took dad in to my office to tell him that he needs to up his game or we will replace him with a younger model…

This is me on grandads computer trying to do my diary.. I couldn’t update my diary but I did manage to email Google and get them to put my picture on the Google home page

Mia’s Diary 20th September 2011

Last week we went back to our log cabin in the Lake District and I took mum and dad down to the lake so we could feed the ducks.. Some of them seemed very big, dad told me they are not ducks but swans.. Im all confused.

This is me feeding some funny looking ducks.