Monthly Archives: June 2011

Mia’s Diary 26th June 2011

Dad will update my post when info comes in from mum. Pictures may be delayed this week.

All will be back on track when im back on Thursday.


Mia’s Diary 25th June 2011

Dad will post my pictures when mum sends them over later tonight as I am in Kent until next week with mum.


Mia’s Diary 24th June 2011

Today I am still in Kent visiting Katherine, we hope to go to the beach later if the weather holds.

This is me on the couch. Mum is in charge of pictures this week.


Mia’s Diary 23rd June

Today I am in Kent with mum, dad is waiting for me to ring him and let him know what ive been up to. I will send him my picture so he can add it to the website.


Mia’s Diary 22nd July 2011

Today I packed my travel bags as me and mum are going to spend a few days with grandma and grandad in Kent.
I struggled to decide what shoes I would need and I spent a lot of time trying to fit my hair dryer in my bag but I got there in the end.

Dad is waiting for mum to send over a picture for today, she says she sent it but he is still waiting. maybe she sent it via carrier pigeon..