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Mia’s Diary 27th November 2011

Today we got up nice and early and headed over to Nefyn, dad likes coming here because I can play on the beach while he can sit at the bar of the Ty Cock pub. The pub is right on the beach and at high tide you can jump in the sea from sitting at the bar.

View from Ty Cock

When we woke up we heard about a cargo ship that had sunk over night and several of the crew were missing at sea. We watched all day as the RNLI helicopters flew up and down looking for the missing men.

RNLI helicopter

Later on dad told me that some of the men had died and that they still couldn’t find the other men. I tried to help them by walking up and down the beach looking out. I hope they do find them all.



Mia’s Diary 5th October 2011

Mia playing in the puddles

Last weekend it was the hottest October day on record at 29 degrees, it seems that must have been the last day of summer as it has just got cold and wet since then. The weather man says it could be snowing by weekend.

This is me playing in the puddles.