Day 19 Since infection

After a very tough weekend, today has been a much better day for Mia, the dialysis has been reduced over the weekend so there are times that Mia is not fully connected to several machines in one go. Mia has had several drinks of water but unfortunately she has not managed to keep anything down.
19 days now since Mia had anything to eat or drink also 19 days since Mia has been to the toilet and 19 days since she had a bath or shower.
Today while she was off the machines Jo helped her walk to the bathroom (about 4 feet away) and Mias legs struggled to carry her own weight, when they got there Jo had a bath waiting for Mia.
Mia had a good old play in the bath while all the nurses kept hold of all her umbilical cords to stop them getting wet or contaminated.
Then the day with have waited so long for came, while in the bath Mia did a wee. This is a big moment in her recovery process, this is a sign there is some life in her kidneys. We still have a long way to go but we have a happy camp today. Let’s hope that tomorrow brings more wee. I never thought we would get so excited about Mia going to the toilet.
This week should give us a clearer view on when we might get home but so far it seems October is on the cards for a discharge date.

Today we wee’d this is a bigger mile stone than her first steps..

Well done baby.

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