Monthly Archives: March 2012

Mia’s Diary 31st March 2012

Today me and daddy went over to spend the day at legoland. We arrived early to beat the queue as queuing is a bit pointless. Dad took me on the haunted ghost ride, I struggled to hold the gun so dad used my gun for me..


Mia’s Diary 30th March 2012

I didn’t get much slept last night, I woke up in the early hours after having a strange dream about the man in the moon. I shouted mum and dad to come and help me get back to sleep. After waking up I had a restless night so was a bit grumpy today.
When we finally got up mum had breakfast but I left most of mine then we went to meet my friends at our Friday club. Dad met up with us after Friday club then we drove over to the airport. I was still grumpy so we headed home for tea and to get ready for bed.

This is me trying to wash my hair.



Mia’s diary 28th March 2012

Today I was feeling much better than yesterday, I spent the day with grandma and grandad and as it was such a hot sunny day I got my sand pit out so I could build some cool sand castles. It’s that hot at the moment I have asked dad to get me a new sun hat. Dad went out to get one but the shops didn’t have any my size, I hope he gets me a new one tomorrow.

This is me in my sand pit.



Mia’s Diary 27th March 2012

Last night I didn’t sleep very well, I woke up in a pool of sick. I shouted mum to come help me clean it all up. Once we had cleared up my mess I asked mum if I could sleep with her, we finally fell off to sleep when I managed to chunder on mummy (Sorry mum). In the morning we decided to stay in instead of going to the gym. Me and mum spent the day at home so I could rest and get better.
In the afternoon I got out my paddling pool so I could have a dip and cool off, it’s hot at the moment while we have this mini heat wave.
Tomorrow I’m going to see grandma and grandad.

This is me in my paddling pool.



Mia’s Diary 26th March 2012

Today I had a nice day with grandma and grandad, it seems summer has arrived. This weekend the clocks went forward 1hr for the start of British summer time, that means the sun doesn’t set until later in the evening and a heat wave has just started. Dad picked me up from grandmas early today so I asked if we could all go for a drink in the village.
Me and dad set off to the pub and while we were ordering our drinks mum turned up to say hello.

This is me sat looking at the flowers in the beer garden.