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Mia’s Diary 29th November 2011

Today I wanted to go and try out my bucket and spade that we bought yesterday. It was still very windy and cold but I told dad that we were going on the beach.

Sand castles in the wind

This is me making my first ever sand castles, dad built a moat round them but it took forever to fill it with water so we decided to build some more closer to the sea and we watched the sea wash them away.


after the beach we went to the new cafe in Abersoch and I had my first baby fracino to warm me up after a nice day on the windy beach.

Mia Fracino

Mia’s Diary 5th October 2011

Mia playing in the puddles

Last weekend it was the hottest October day on record at 29 degrees, it seems that must have been the last day of summer as it has just got cold and wet since then. The weather man says it could be snowing by weekend.

This is me playing in the puddles.