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Mia’s Diary 9th April 2012

Today I woke up back at home so me and mum just had a nice day together. We spent some time in the village with friends then came home to see dad.

This is me happily eating my lunch.


Mia’s Diary 25th March 2012

I think I have finally made dad start my pictures again. Lets hope he can keep up to date with it this time!
Today me and dad went to the Trafford Centre for a spot of shopping, dad went to buy what looked like a new phone but it was a lot bigger than his last one so I was very confused. I will get dad to take a picture of me with his phone later on.

This is me eating my double chocolate chip cookie in the Trafford Centre.


Mia’s diary 4th December 2011

Country Walk

Its been a nice week being together with mum and dad, winter is just settling in so it has been nice to keep warm in the hotel with all the log fires on. We are heading home today so I wanted to go for one last walk before we hit the road.

This is me all wrapped up during our walk, when we got back we packed the car and headed home. We made a quick stop at the bottom of the road to get our journey sweets, mum and dad got Haribo and i got some nice fruit.



Mia’s Diary 3rd December 2011

Santa Smiles

I have been looking forward to meeting Santa all year. I met Father Christmas last year but I dont really remember as I was told small, mum tells me I got scared last year so I have been looking forward to meeting him again.

This is me enjoying meeting Santa for the second time.



Mia’s Diary 1st December 2011

Christmas Mia

Today I wanted to get all our things ready for Christmas. I told dad that we had to go buy out tree and decorations but he told me that I had to wait to buy out tree as we were going to make a special trip into the forest to cut down our own tree.

This is me buying all out Christmas decorations.