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Mia’s Diary 31st July 2010

Hello everyone… I’m
Back. Daddy knows what a camera is…


Mia’s Diary July 30th 2011

As you all know me and mum have been in the south of France for the last few weeks so obviously there has been no pictures because mum doesn’t know what a camera is.
We are driving back today and should be through the Euro tunnel early evening and then up to Manchester later this evening. I have already spoken to dad and he has the camera ready and waiting for my return.
Tomorrow we are all off on Safari so dad should get some good pictures of me with the animals.

Mia (normal service almost resumed)

This is me on this day last year July 30th 2010

Mia’s Diary 18th July 2011

I’m currently in the South of France with mum and I’m not well.. I have been sick for the last two days. I want my daddy. As you all know mum is crap at taking photos so you won’t see many until day flys over to meet us


Mia’s Diary 11th July 2011

I have been with grandad today so I made sure as soon as I got there I took grandad outside to water our tree, once we had watered the tree I could relax and have a good play with grandad. After breakfast we went to the bank to give them some money. I think grandad must have a big money tree in his back garden because every morning im with him he takes a big bag of money to the bank.

This is me in my summer dress and also me on this day last year.


Mia’s Diary 10th July 2011

Me and dad spent the day out and about today we popped into PC world to get a new computer so dad can keep up with my diary. Later on we went for a nice walk and I saw an ice cream van so dad kindly bought me a big ice cream, he wouldn’t let me have the big piece of chocolate that was in the middle as he said im still to young for chocolate.

This is me with my ice cream and me from this day last year.