Monthly Archives: April 2012

Mia’s Diary 6th April 202

Today When I got up Finn and Tilly had arrived so we all decided to head off to the park to play on the rides before Dougie and Zack arrived.
We had a nice walk to the park but I decided not to have a sleep so I got a little moody in the afternoon. I have a bit of a temper when I’m tired.

When we got there I wanted to go straight on the really big slide.

This is me on the slide


Then I went on the funny looking springy animal but when I got on it dad pulled the animal and it sprung on my chin. You can see the little tear in my eye.



Mia’s Diary 5th April 2012

We drove south today as It’s Easter bank holiday weekend. We are having a few days in Kent visiting grandma and grandad. It’s a very long way away but we always seem to get there very quickly, I think sometimes dad is driving over the speed limit but we get places quickly so I don’t mind.
After the drive we had a little walk and I snuggled teddy. Tomorrow I get to see all my cousins.

This is me with teddy



Mia’s Diary 4th April 2012

Today I woke up nice and early and got into bed with dad to watch Fireman Sam before he went to work. Mum dropped me off at grandmas as she was also working today.
I spent the day playing inside as it was far to cold to go outside. Last week we had a mini heat wave and I was playing in my paddling pool but the weather has quickly changed and a cold spell has hit the country. It was snowing and windy all day and some parts of the country have been completely cut off by the snow.

This is me having a nice cup of pretend tea with grandad



Mia’s Diary 3rd April 2012

Today me and mum met up with Cloe and Charlotte and headed off to our weekly soft play club. We go there nice and early and had a good play. On the way home we stopped off for a spot of shopping before heading home to cook tea.
Mum didn’t manage to take a photo of me today so this is a picture of me at the beer festival at the weekend. I couldn’t decide if I’m going to be a drummer or guitarist.



Mia’s Diary 2nd April 2012

Today I spent the day with grandad, we played lots of games and I watered my tree. I have been off my food for the last week but today I got my appetite back and was eating like a horse again.

This is me at the end of a hard day having a shower and filling my bucket with water. I often shower stood on one foot.