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Mia’s Diary 3rd October 2011

Mia in bed

Today mum started her new job so I made her a packed lunch and wished her good luck as she went off to work.
I then went over to see grandad for the rest of the day.

this is me in the big bad.


Video page update

Dad has just updated my video page with some of the videos I have on Vimeo


Mia’s Diary 2nd October 2011

Mia and Froggy

Today I spent the day with mum and dad, when we got up it wasn’t a bright blue sunny day like yesterday but I told dad that I wanted to go in the paddling pool even though it wasn’t very warm and looked like it was going to rain.
In the afternoon we went out to go for a nice walk in the hills but it eventually started to rain so we turned round and headed home. When we got back I helped dad clean the decking in the back garden.

This is me having a bath with Froggy at the end of a good day with mum and dad.


Mia’s Diary 1st October 2011

Today I went with dad to work in the morning until mum got up with her hangover. Mum was out last night on her leaving do as she starts her new job on Monday. When she got up she finally came over to pick me up and we went of to do a spot of shopping.
When dad finished work I helped him in the kitchen to cook tea.

This is me smashing up some herbs and spices in the mortar and pestle.