Monthly Archives: September 2011

Mia’s Diary 21st September 2011

Today I went to talk to grandad about dad not doing my diary, I told him that dad needs sorting out. Me and grandad tried to fill in my diary together but grandad is as bad as me on a computer.
Me and grandad took dad in to my office to tell him that he needs to up his game or we will replace him with a younger model…

This is me on grandads computer trying to do my diary.. I couldn’t update my diary but I did manage to email Google and get them to put my picture on the Google home page

Mia’s Diary 20th September 2011

Last week we went back to our log cabin in the Lake District and I took mum and dad down to the lake so we could feed the ducks.. Some of them seemed very big, dad told me they are not ducks but swans.. Im all confused.

This is me feeding some funny looking ducks.

Mia’s Diary 19th September 2011

Me and dad popped round to Neil’s office to say hello. Dad says he doesnt think he does a lot of work because his office was just a big games room with lots of big boy toys in it.

This is me with Neil’s lightsaber


Mia’s Diary 18th September 2011

This is me just before I went out in uncle Ant’s new car.. Im not sure I like it without a roof as it messed up my hair.

Mia’s Diary 17th September 2011

So I finally made dad get his act into gear and continue my diary..

He is to lazy to fill in all the gaps so we have decided to just start from now. (only a few weeks missing)

This is me and Charlotte trying out the big slide when we were in the Lake District a few weeks back.