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Mia’s Diary 9th July 2011

Today was another really hot day, I got up early and started to fill my paddling pool ready for the hot afternoon so I could relax with a beaker of juice in my pool.
Above is me in the garden and below is me on this day last year.


Mia’s Diary 8th July 2011

Today I wanted to go check on grandads tree that we both planted last week to make sure it was growing well.
We all drove over to spend some time with grandad and make sure he was taking care of our tree.

This is me watering the tree.

Me and dad have been talking and we thought we would try using the pictures taken last year (on the same day) and adding them to my diary, that way you can all see how I look each day but also get to see me on the same day from the previous day.

This is my on this day last year.


Mia’s Diary 5th July 2011

Me and grandad went out shopping today, I took him to Toy’s R Us and showed him all the nice toys and clothes he needed to buy for me. Grandad is a bit of a pussy cat and I managed to get everything I wanted.

This is me cleaning up at the end of the day.

Mia’s Diary 4th July 2011

Today me and mum went to see the girls for a few hours then in the afternoon we both went to the Dentist to have a check up. The Dentist said that I had lots of teeth and he liked them all. I now have to brush my teeth after my milk before bed and not before. It wont be long before I get my big teeth.

This is me out and about and making sure I have plenty of toys for the journey.

Mia’s Diary 3rd July 2011

Today was the hottest day of the year so we got up nice and early and dad got our bikes out of the garage so we could have a nice ride to the park. We spent a few hours playing in the park before heading back to cool off in the paddling pool.

This is me on the slide.




After playing with mum and dad we set off to have tea at grandma and grandads, when we got there I helped grandad finally plant the nice tree I bought for his birthday. Each year me and grandad are going to have our picture taken with the tree to see if I grow quicker than the tree. I will make sure when I visit grandad I will always help water our new ‘Life Tree’