Monthly Archives: June 2011

Mia’s Diary 21st June 2011

Today I help dad doing a little painting in the morning before heading off to the shops with grandma and grandad in the afternoon. We bought lots of things but the best thing was the new sandpit grandad bought for me.

This is me playing with my new sandpit.

Thanks Grandad


Mia’s Diary 20th June 2011

Last night grandma and grandad drove up from Kent to spend a few days with me. When I got up they took me out to the park and I managed to walk most of the way myself, I then asked grandad if I could go in my pram as my little legs were getting tired.

This is me picking some flowers out of someone’s garden, I did it quick before they saw me.


Mia’s Diary 19th June 2011

Today is Fathers Day so me and mum got up nice and early so we could make dad breakfast in bed, while me and mum were chatting dad got up and made his own breakfast (it’s the thought that counts)
After dad had has breakfast we all went out to a sleepy little village called Hayfield and me and mum took dad for a nice pub lunch in the country.

This is us sat outside the pub.


Mia’s Diary 18th June 2011

Today we walked up to the park and I took my spade with me, I need to get some practice in at digging holes. Grandad gets back off his holidays next week then we are going to dig a big hole to plant the tree in I bought for his birthday.


Mia’s Diary 17th June 2011

Today we went up to rhythm and rhyme for our weekly session on the drums, when we got there all our friends where there already, I think we were late as I decided to drive up with the tractor.